Outgrown your home but don’t want to move? Try self storage

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For many homeowners in the UK, moving somewhere bigger is at the top of their priority list. However, with everyday costs rising and insurance rates skyrocketing, it can often seem impossible to move out from a property you feel you’ve outgrown.


Rather than re-entering the stressful property market or forking out a big sum for an extension, self-storage facilities can offer a unique solution by giving you more space in your home – without having to do anything to your property at all.


What does it mean to ‘outgrow’ your home?


Whether it’s your first apartment or you have been on the property ladder for years now, it’s normal to feel like you’ve run out of space in your home and have ‘outgrown’ it. Perhaps you want to shift your WFH kitchen table arrangement into a calm home office, or maybe you need some more space for growing children and teenagers. Whatever the catalyst, self-storage can be the perfect antidote for making your home feel big enough once again.


How to use self storage to make more space in your home


1. Store seasonal items

Big winter coats and thick duvets can take up a lot of space. The same goes for the mountains of summer clothes that only seem to come out in August and the start of September. If you find your home is full of seasonal pieces that can be put away when not needed, self-storage offers the perfect solution to hang on to your holiday staples – but open up some space for other items in the interim. The same goes for Christmas decorations and Christmas trees! By moving these items into our self storage Peterborough, you can create more room in your home for the other 11 months in the year.


2. Declutter your home

Items can quickly accumulate in a busy household and before you know it, there’s clutter in every room of the house. If your home needs a good tidy-up, self-storage can make the whole ordeal seem a little less stressful; while decluttering aims to get rid of everything you don’t need, having a self-storage unit means you don’t have to throw absolutely everything away in one go. Self-storage is also a great place to keep items that you’re unsure of, so when you’ve had some time apart from them you can truly decide if they deserve a space back in your home.


3. Keep student belongings

As great as student accommodation is, first-year flats aren’t known for having the biggest rooms – or offering much in terms of storage capacity. By hiring a self-storage unit in your child’s university town, they can take everything they want with them to study, and access it as and when they need it. Likewise, if you’re helping them move between rented student accommodation between academic years, self-storage means you don’t have to bring everything back to your house over the summer.


Get 24/7 access to your belongings with our self storage Peterborough


Making some more room in your home by storing some items in self-storage is a great solution for the feeling that you’ve ‘outgrown’ your home. However, just because they’re in self-storage, doesn’t mean you won’t ever see them again! In fact, our storage units in Peterborough have 24-hour access and 24/7 CCTV, so you can nip back to take that 12 Tog duvet whenever you need. Our sizes include 25 sq ft, 35 sq ft, and 50 sq ft all the way up to 125 sq ft, 150 sq ft and even 200 sq ft. Start your self storage journey with ease today.

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