6 Reasons Why Renting a Storage Unit Is the Perfect Solution for Your Business Needs

Many people think of storage units as spaces that are used for personal storage and nothing else. However, in recent years, business owners have been using these units to benefit their businesses. Here’s why your business could benefit from renting a storage unit.


One of the most obvious benefits of using a storage unit for business is storage space. Most businesses have a need for extra storage. For instance, using a storage unit could be the difference between needing to get bigger office space or not.

However, for businesses with products to store, a storage unit is most ideal. If you’re in the fashion or e-Commerce industry, a storage unit offers a safe space to store products before they are sold.

Office Space

Is your business starting to grow? If you’ve been running a business from home you may be finding that it’s time to expand. If you need dedicated office space but don’t want to pay expensive rent prices, a storage unit is the perfect solution.

You can set up your own dedicated office space and have everything you need to operate your business successfully.

Security and Safety

Your business possessions are essential and invaluable when it comes to you running your business. When you use a storage unit as a business space, you can be sure that everything in your unit is safe and secure. With around the clock surveillance, you won’t have to worry about any of your belongings.

This kind of peace of mind would come at a high price if you were to rent office space you were responsible for and you still wouldn’t get the same level of security.


When running a business, the main aim is to increase profit. You can do this by saving money on expenses where you can. Hiring a storage unit is a cost effective solution for any business, whether it’s used for storage space or as an office.

Additionally, if you’re saving money on much needed space, you can invest that money in other areas of the business, like marketing.

Business Archive

Although many businesses are using online storage for data these days, there will always be paperwork that needs to be stored. Being able to put your hands on vital business documents is a must but there isn’t always the room to store it properly. A storage unit will give you the opportunity to organize and archive your documents so you know exactly where everything is when you need it.

Transition Periods

Just as storage units are used when people move from one house to another, they can also be used in the same way for businesses. If your business is moving from one property to another or expanding, storage units are ideal for keeping possessions safe and secure.

Similarly, if you’re renovating or redesigning your business space, you may need to get everything out first. A storage unit can house everything until you’re ready to put it back.

If you need a storage unit for your business, we have plenty of options available at 1st Access Storage. Contact us today and our team will happily answer your questions.