How to Declutter Your Home Using Self Storage

Whether you’re holding onto old nostalgic belongings or you just haven’t had a spring clean in months (or even years), it may be time to think about decluttering your home. When it comes to overflowing drawers, cupboards and wardrobes, we’ve all had the same thought of “I’ll just do it later”, but did you know that getting rid of clutter can help you concentrate better, sleep more and be more creative? 

Now is the time to stop making excuses and instead, get the job done! If you’re worried about having to throw away items that have meaning to you, but simply no longer have use in your property, then that’s where we come in. Our storage facility based in Peterborough will give you a clutter-free home without having to say any goodbyes to your beloved belongings!

Read on for our top tips on decluttering your home using our personal storage solutions.

Choose a small area to begin 

Don’t overwhelm yourself with the task of decluttering your entire property in one go, or you probably won’t even start. Choose one manageable area to start with. This could be a wardrobe, drawers, room or an area that you know for sure needs a good tidy – this way, you’ll be more motivated to get started and it won’t take up too much energy. Once you’ve chosen your area, take out everything and give the space a good clean. 

Does it spark joy?

Take a leaf out of Marie Kondo’s book. Hold one of the items that you’re tidying and if it doesn’t give you any joy or happiness – is it even worth keeping? Probably not! 

This exercise is a great way of deciding whether you should keep, throw away or donate an item. Just as many of your belongings no longer have a place in your home, they might not have a place in storage, either. You don’t want to just move clutter from one place to another, so give this some real thought. 

Sort your belongings

There are so many things you can do with your belongings, regardless if you’re keeping or selling them! Put your items into piles of the following:

  • Keep
  • Sell
  • Donate
  • Throw out
  • Self-store

Once you’re happy, take your ‘keep’ pile and put them back where they belong. Hopefully, you’ll find that you have created much more space and the area no longer feels cramped, cluttered or unsightly. Afterwards, you can turn your attention to dropping off donations or making a few extra pennies by selling online or at a car boot sale. 

Top Tip: Place unused clothes in vacuum bags for easier storage. For example, if it’s summer, get your heavy, thick jumpers and store them away ready for the winter months. When the weather gets colder, simply swap out your jumpers and replace with your summer clothes.

Store your belongings at 1st Access Storage

Found yourself with extra belongings that no longer have a place in your home? Get online, search ‘Self Storage Near Me’ and get yourself a self storage unit at 1st Access. We even offer wardrobe boxes so you can neatly hang up your clothing.

If you’re unsure what size storage unit will be best for you, you can estimate your space first. Our storage Peterborough is designed to be easy, secure and accessible, so it’s the perfect solution to keeping yourself organised. 

Get yourself a free quote today and we look forward to seeing you soon!