How to Store Furniture in a Self Storage Unit

Utilising the best rented storage Peterborough has to offer can be of real benefit in so many different situations, including when you’re moving house, decluttering or redecorating. But how do you go about safely storing your furniture to ensure it’s out of harm’s way? Read on to learn more!

Cover Up Delicate Items

First and foremost, it’s vital that you can cover up any delicate items in the most appropriate manner to ensure they’re safe and sound inside your storage unit. This means wrapping up decor such as ornaments, vases and glassware in bubble wrap to minimise the chance of breakage, as well as covering up paintings and other similar items to protect their appearance. You may also wish to cover up soft furnishings such as fabric sofas or mattresses with plastic coverings that can keep out moisture and prevent pests. When you take such steps, you can rest assured knowing your valuables are perfectly safe inside your storage unit.

Use Foam On Edges & Corners

Accidentally chipping or damaging the edge or corner of your items when moving them into and around your storage unit is such a common issue. However, it can be easily avoided by using foam or bubble wrap on any protruding or delicate areas. You can invest in storage foam that’s similar in texture to that of a ‘pool noodle’ swimming float, and this will ensure that your valuable furniture will remain safe no matter how many times they get bashed and bruised! Don’t be stingy when using foam or bubble wrap – it’s better to have too much than too little.

Keep Your Storage Unit Clean

When you rent out a storage unit, it becomes your responsibility. This means that it won’t get cleaned unless you take the time to do it yourself, as no one else is allowed to let themselves into your private storage unit unless you give them permission to do so. As a result, you need to commit to keeping your storage unit clean if you want to avoid damage to your belongings, as dust and debris can build up and attract all manner of pests in the process. Sweep and dust your storage unit regularly to keep it spick and span!

Always Store Heavy Items First

Last but by no means least, you must always store heavy items first when you’re filling up your unit if you want to keep your valuables out of harm’s way. Making the mistake of putting something weighty on top of a delicate item will no doubt cause it to struggle and strain, potentially leading to irreparable damage. So, make a plan so that you can always store the heaviest pieces at the base of your storage unit, piling up with lighter and lighter items as you reach the ceiling.

If you want somewhere to safely store your furniture for total peace of mind, then visit 1st Access Storage for the best storage Peterborough has to offer. Be sure to follow these tips to protect your furniture!