How to Keep a Storage Unit Organised

Our range of Storage units can be extremely useful – indispensable, even. Once you’ve got one, you won’t ever want to live without it! But it’s important not to get too carried away.

Before you cram your unit full of stuff, we’d recommend taking the time to organise everything correctly. Retrieving items from the room won’t be fun if you don’t know exactly where they are (or can’t access them easily). With that in mind, here are four tips to help you keep your personal storage neat and tidy.

Pack everything neatly

Before you do anything else, make sure you choose the right boxes and pack them neatly and methodically. Imagine you’re storing a collection of shoes, say. Try to store all of your sandals together, your trainers together, your boots together and so on. Arrange everything so that related items are in the same box – it’ll make finding what you’re after so much easier six months down the line.

Label everything

Once you’ve packed everything in an orderly fashion, label each box so you know precisely what’s in there. Sticking with the shoe idea, you could write on the front of each box exactly which styles are inside. That way, when summer rolls around and you’re getting ready to jet off abroad, you’ll be able to easily track down your favourite flip flops!

Keep things off the floor

Rather than stacking boxes to the ceiling, we’d recommend adding some freestanding shelving to your storage unit. It won’t take up much room, but will make organising your stuff (and retrieving it) that much easier.

Arrange carefully

The final step on your path to a neat and tidy storage unit is to place all of your newly-labelled boxes in a logical, thoughtful way. Take the time to consider which ones you’re most likely to go to and which ones you probably won’t touch for months at a time, placing your favourite items toward the front of your unit.

Storage units in Peterborough

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