Moving Out in a Hurry? Here Are Some Tips

Moving home is regularly cited as one of life’s most stressful events – a point of view that we’re willing to bet most of you agree with. There’s so much to think about. From the upheaval (and sometimes heartache) of waving goodbye to your old home through to endless admin, tonnes of packing and unpacking, getting used to a new area and settling into your new home, there’s a lot involved.

When a tight timeframe is added into the mix though, moving home gets even more stressful. If you’ve got to move in a hurry and are wondering where to even begin, we’ve got your back with these must-know tips. Let’s get started!

Get packing supplies

First thing’s first, you need boxes, bubble wrap and tape – lots of it! If you’re using a removal company, they should be able to provide all this for you. If not, ask around – you may be able to score some free boxes from a neighbour or family member, saving you time and money.

The sooner you can get packing, the better. Obviously there are some items that need to remain accessible, but you can even pack those to a certain extent; try using lidded plastic boxes to make it easier to retrieve items you’re likely to need again before you move.

Only pack what you want to keep

There’s no point packing items you’re not sure you even want any more. If you’ve lived in your current home for a while, you’re bound to have accrued a bunch of stuff you no longer need or want – and now’s the perfect time to say sayonara. Donate it to charity, sell it or give it to a friend or family member in need – it’ll make you feel good and free up valuable space in your new home.

Bide some time

Can’t decide what to keep and what to chuck, or simply aren’t sure yet what will fit into your new home and what won’t? Self storage can be invaluable during a house move, particularly if you’re moving in a hurry or you’re downsizing. Choose the right provider and you’ll have a secure home-from-home for your items while you move, allowing you to move in gradually and making the whole process much less stressful.

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