Peterborough Named One of UK’s Fastest-Growing Cities

Data from last year’s Census has just been released – and it suggests that Peterborough is one of Britain’s fastest-growing cities in terms of population.

According to Census data, over the last 10 years its population has increased by some 17.5% to 215,000. That’s a rise of 32,000 people in a decade.

In comparison, the East of England as a whole grew by 8.3% over the same period, making it the fastest-growing region.

Although the population of Peterborough has grown across the age spectrum, the 0-19 year-old group has grown the most – with the largest concentration of new Peterborians being aged 5-14.

Council Leader Wayne Fitzgerald commented: “With a growing, vibrant and young population, Peterborough is a city of great promise. I am proud that over the past 10 years so many people have chosen Peterborough as a place to start or bring their families.

“We have to look to the future of these children and ensure that we can support them well with quality education, good housing and jobs – as well as making sure there is the necessary support for our working age population and people as they age.

“We have consistently made the case to government for the need for appropriate funding to support our growth – but we have also taken matters into our own hands, and are working hard to become a fully sustainable council, so we can continue to provide the essential services our growing population needs.

“The development we are supporting will provide a good environment for people who live in our city, and our new City University – developed in partnership with Anglia Ruskin – will support the skills needed for us to become a high wage economy.”

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