Preparing For Self Storage This Winter

As it’s heading into winter you may have noticed the nights drawing in, the leaves changing colour, and the days feeling a little colder. You may have also noticed a few things lying around your house that you won’t be needing till next summer. 

If you’re struggling to find space for some of your summer belongings, but don’t want to get rid of them, personal storage for the winter could be the perfect solution for you.

If you are considering using storage options in Peterborough this winter, we’ve written a useful checklist of how to prepare and store your belongings:

How to prepare your belongings for winter self storage:

  • Clean It

It may seem a little pointless cleaning or washing items that you won’t be seeing or using for several months or longer. However, it will prevent any dirt contamination or mould growth, and keep all your belongings on top form for when you need them again. 

  • Cover It

Before you place any items into storage containers, we recommend placing either plastic sheets, cardboard, pallets or cinder blocks on the floor of your unit. 

You can then loosely cover your items with blankets, sheets or cloth to prevent dust from accumulating over time. 

It’s not recommended that you use plastic boxes to store your items as moisture can get trapped inside them. 

  • Furniture

If you’re planning on packing any large furniture pieces such as bookcases, tables, or garden furniture, we recommend disassembling them before you put them into storage. This will not only maximise the space you have, it will also make it easier to protect them from potential damage.

  • Machines and Electrical

If you are putting away any light vehicles, motorised machinery, or electrical equipment into storage then we recommend that you empty the fuel tank, remove any batteries, and drain any coolant.

  • Small or Fragile Items

If you are putting small items into storage, such as screws, bolts, jewellery, coins etc. then we recommend putting these into ziplock bags.

Fragile items, like glass vases or crockery can be wrapped in packing paper and a protective layer of bubble wrap. 

Is Self Storage Right For Me?

You may live in a small space, be downsizing, or be in between house moves. We understand that just because you don’t need or have a home for something right now, it doesn’t mean you don’t want to keep it for the future. 

At 1st Access, we offer 24-hour hassle-free access for both private and commercial self-storage needs. To enquire about how we can match your requirements, contact us today for a free quote.