Why More People Are Using Self Storage Than Ever

Self storage is on the rise here in the UK. Since storage facilities first began popping up here in the ‘80s, the market has steadily increased – and the popularity of storage-based TV shows from across the pond has further raised awareness of the sector.

Today, it’s bigger than ever, and it’s come a long way since those early days forty odd years ago. In this article, we’re going to take a look at why that is. What’s making self storage so popular? And how has it progressed since its introduction to the UK?

It’s extremely convenient

The fact that this point is at the top of our list is no accident. As far as we’re concerned, the biggest draw of self storage today is the convenience it offers – and this is one area where the industry has come on leaps and bounds. Think 24-hour access, move-in and move-out services, flexible payment plans, a wide range of unit sizes… self storage today is just so easy to use.

It’s easy to access

The industry’s growth and increased popularity has a direct benefit for customers: there are simply more storage facilities to choose from nowadays. Instead of having to travel halfway across the county to get to your nearest facility, you could potentially find one on your doorstep!

It’s great value

More competition means prices have gone one way… down. Self storage providers are always competing to offer their customers the maximum possible bang for their buck, making it easier than ever before to find great value storage options.

It’s secure

All reputable storage providers take security seriously. Nowadays, on-site security staff and comprehensive CCTV monitoring are widespread, keeping your items safe.

It just makes sense

When you take all of the above into consideration, self storage makes a whole lot of sense from a customer’s point of view – and we expect the industry to continue to grow. If you need self storage in Peterborough, take a look at our services today and get your free quote online in minutes.