How To Store Tools and Equipment In Self Storage

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If you’re running a business and your tools and equipment seem to be taking up a lot of space, self storage units can be the perfect solution. Not only will self storage free up that extra bit of floor space in your garage, shed, or property, if you’re running a business from home it’s also a great way to keep potentially dangerous tools away from children. With a fully flexible storage arrangement and 24 hour access, you can even pick equipment up on your way to work and drop it off when you’ve finished for the day.


From lawnmowers to professional gymkit, we’re revealing how to store tools and equipment in self storage.


Electrical Equipment

You can opt for climate controlled storage units which guarantee that colder temperatures will not affect your belongings. You can also place a sheet of cardboard or some wooden pallets on the ground of your storage unit to protect electrical equipment from coming into direct contact with a cold surface.


Empty any engine fluid or oil

Whether you’ve got a lawnmower, large power tool, or even a small vehicle that you want to place into self storage, it’s recommended that you empty them of any liquid, including fuel and coolant. You’ll also want to remove batteries from any gadgets.


Cleaning your tools and equipment

We recommend wiping your tools with a cloth or towel to clean off the dirt or any grease. This will help keep them in good condition for when you need to use them again and prevent dirt contamination with other items in storage.


Organise smaller tools

You may already have your smaller tools neatly organised in a toolbox, however if you don’t we recommend putting them into labelled boxes or containers before placing them into self storage. This will make all your nuts, bolts, and screwdrivers easy to locate should you require them.


Cover with a cloth

And finally, we recommend placing a cloth over your bulky equipment to prevent a build up of dust over time.



If you follow these simple steps your tools and equipment should be stored safely and securely and be ready for you to use whenever you need them.


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