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In this article we’re listing our top three reasons why it’s important to store your commercial documents securely and safely.


Comply with data protection

In the modern era of data protection, it almost goes without saying that you need to keep sensitive, confidential or private information securely stored away. For starters, under the GDPR regulations that came into effect in 2018, it’s a legal requirement to ensure personal information about customers or clients is not lost, stolen, misused, altered or destroyed.


One way to ensure compliance with this legislation is to store documents with a reputable storage facility.


Comply with legal and financial legislation

If you manage a law firm for instance, it’s important to keep certain documents for a set period of time to comply with the law. Some records, such as house deeds, wills and case matter, need to be kept under lock and key to ensure they don’t go missing. Otherwise you’ll have a few very unhappy clients on your case!


As a business, it’s also important to keep certain records for tax compliance purposes. Failure to produce accurate reports on time could mean your organisation faces a financial penalty – and no business wants that.


One way you can efficiently and safely file physical documents of this nature includes putting them into document archive storage.


Make more space

If you run a business or organisation, you know that paperwork and documents mount up pretty quickly. You may have a great filing system on your premises, but over time the four walls of your business might not be able to handle the sheer volume of paperwork. When this happens, document archiving can be the perfect solution.


So, there you have our top three reasons why it’s important to securely and safely store your commercial documents. From being compliant with data protection and tax regulations to ensuring your business isn’t drowning in a sea of documents, document archiving can help get your paperwork in order.


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