How Much Are Storage Units In Peterborough?

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Looking to get the keys to your very own storage unit in Peterborough for the first time? You’re naturally going to wonder how much one is likely to set you back, and we’re here to help. As you may have guessed already, there’s no straightforward answer to this question as prices vary depending on a range of factors. These include…


Unit size

Whether you’re looking for a 25 sq. ft unit to store a handful of items or a huge 200 sq. ft room big enough to accommodate the contents of a five-bedroom house, there are storage units available to meet your needs. Generally speaking, the bigger the unit, the more you’ll pay.


Available features

Would you like a storage unit with special features like wall sockets? Or are you content with a straightforward room suitable for storing boxes? Depending on the type of unit you’re after, the monthly cost will vary.


Security level

There are plenty of self storage providers out there, but not all of them offer the same level of security. Our facility has CCTV, motion detectors, automatic lighting and key fobs. You may be able to find a barebones unit for less money elsewhere, but if you’d like a secure spot to keep your valuables, it’s well worth paying a little extra.


Access level

Want 24-hour access to your storage unit? This will impact the price you pay too, as the facility has to be staffed at all hours. You can find limited access facilities, but the added convenience of round-the-clock access is well worth investing in for many of us.



If the worst happens and your valuables get damaged, you need to know they’ll be covered. It might be tempting to save money by not insuring your items, but we’d strongly advise against this. We’re able to provide affordable insurance cover, giving you total peace of mind for very little money.


Get a self-storage Peterborough quote

Ready to find out exactly how much self-storage in Peterborough is likely to cost you? It’s simple to do so here at 1st Access. Simply complete our online quote form today and we’ll respond promptly with a competitive quote that meets your needs.

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