Separation And Divorce – What To Do With Your Belongings?

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If you are separating or divorcing from your partner there will be lots to think about. Aside from dealing with the emotional aspects that come with the end of a relationship, if you’ve been living together and now need to move out, the thought of relocating with all your stuff could be a daunting prospect – especially if your break-up came out of the blue. However, in this guide we’re offering our stress-free suggestions on what to do with your belongings when separating or divorcing.


1. Self Storage


If you need to move out quickly and don’t have a permanent or roomy place to live, personal storage could be a suitable option for you. While you’re living in temporary accommodation it can be the perfect place to keep your belongings. With both short and long-term storage options available, you don’t have to worry about having a tight deadline to find somewhere to live.


At 1st Access we have over 95 years’ experience moving and storing people’s belongings. Our storage units Peterborough are fully flexible and secure so you can rest assured that your belongings are safe and accessible at any time. Through the good times and the bad, we’re here to help you move-on with your life and make those big life changes a little less stressful. With our convenient door-to-door pick up service you don’t even need to transport your belongings to our storage in Peterborough.


2. Get Help From Family and Friends


If you have a supportive network of family or friends, someone may be able to help you out by offering their spare room or space in their garage for your belongings until you find somewhere more permanent or convenient to live.


3. Donate to a Charity


Any items that are surplus to requirements, or you no longer want, you can always donate them to a charity. It’s quick, easy and all for a good cause. If you’ve reached the stage where you no longer want any items that remind you of your former partner, such as anniversary gifts, donating them to a charity shop is a convenient way to get rid of them.


While a separation or divorce is rarely easy, at 1st Access, we like to ensure that moving your belongings to a new home or putting them into storage is simple and stress-free. We offer short and long-term container storage in Peterborough, with secure units that you can access anytime for your convenience. Get a quick, free quote today to find out more.

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