How to Find Good Self-Storage In Peterborough

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Looking for storage in Peterborough? You’ll want to know that your belongings are in good hands. Whether you’re looking for personal or commercial storage, having a safe and secure unit is a must. Aside from that, you’ll want a good level of service. We’ve got a helpful list of criteria to help you find the right self storage in Peterborough.


Good customer reviews

One quickfire way to find a good self-storage company in Peterborough is to check the local reviews. Does the company have plenty of genuine star ratings and reviews? If there’s lots of positive feedback across sites like Facebook, Trustpilot and Google, then you can probably proceed with confidence.


Easy to get a quote

How easy is it to get a quote? If you struggle to get a quote in the first place, this could suggest that the company is a little slow to handle customer queries. Also, you shouldn’t be charged any money to receive a quote. Be suspicious of a storage company that wants you to pay for a quote.


With 1st Access it couldn’t be easier to get a quote with us.


Flexible hiring terms

You probably won’t know how long you want to store your items for, so it’s helpful to have flexible hiring options. At 1st Access, we won’t tie you into a lengthy contract. You can choose to end your contract at any time.



Do they offer round-the-clock surveillance and have security staff on-site? The security of your items should be a top priority, so make sure the facility has measures in place to protect your belongings.


Help transporting your items

Don’t have access to a vehicle? Downsizing and need to put lots of bulky items into storage? It’s worth checking if the storage company offers transport as part of their service. If they do, it will save you negotiating with more than one company and make your move into storage much easier.


Need to find good self-storage in Peterborough? 1st Access is a family-run storage facility that offers plenty of self-storage options for personal and business use.

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