How to Organise Your Wardrobe for Storage

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Whether you’ve got a modest clothes collection or enough to fill a whole house (let alone a walk-in wardrobe), we’re revealing how to organise your wardrobe for storage.


Put like with like

For some, this level of organisation may seem a little pedantic, But separating your clothes according to type is a great way to easily locate and access items while they’re in storage. This is particularly useful if you know you’ll need to pick up some of your clothes from time to time.


Have a clear-out

If you’re sorting through your clothes to put into storage, it’s a great opportunity to have a clear-out. If some of your clothes no longer fit, or your style has evolved over time, it’s a good idea to offload them rather than invest time and money in putting them into storage.


Clean your clothes and shoes

Giving your clothes and shoes a wash will ensure that the material won’t start to smell stale or transfer dirt to other items. It’ll also mean your wardrobe is ready and waiting for when you need it so you can look your best.

If you’ve got some smarter or special occasion clothes, you may want to wrap them in a plastic cover before placing them into storage. It might also be worth giving shirts and trousers a quick iron too.


Wardrobe packing boxes

There’s no need to fold all your clothes neatly into boxes. Wardrobe packing boxes come with a rail that allows you to hang clothes inside a cardboard box. It’s a neat and convenient way to organise your wardrobe for storage.

To know how many boxes you require, you should check the measurements.


Add an air freshener

For a little extra freshness, you can always add an air freshener to your clothes rail.

Follow these simple tips and your wardrobe will be more than ready to go into storage.


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