Top 5 Tips For Storing Furniture

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From your sofa to your grand piano, we’re revealing our top 5 tips for storing furniture in self storage in Peterborough.


Clear out and clean before you store

Whether you just do a little light dusting or polish your wooden tables and drawers etc, making sure that everything is clean and dry before you store can help prevent items smelling stale or becoming mouldy.


Also, if you’re storing furniture items such as draws or wardrobes, you’ll want to check what is inside them and preferably empty the contents. Particularly if there are perishable items, such as food, in any of your draws you shouldn’t put those in storage as they can cause a hygiene hazard. Plus, you wouldn’t want your unit to have to dispose of gone-off food months down the line.



It’s recommended that you disassemble your furniture before placing it into storage. This will make it easier to transport and make the space in your unit stretch that little bit further. Taking everything apart and wrapping it securely can also minimise the chances of damage during transportation.


Don’t pile your items too high

Make sure you don’t stack your furniture too high. You may see it as a way to economise on space and get your money’s worth out of your storage, but from a health and safety perspective you’re better off getting a slightly larger unit. Take extra care with those heavier, bulkier items.


Get insurance

If you’re storing fragile, antique or higher value items you should definitely consider getting insurance. You can shop around to get a good deal, or take a look at what insurance your storage provider can offer. Things like original paintings, high value antiques etc are not infallible to damage from circumstances outside a storage provider’s control. It’s up to you to weigh up whether insurance is worth it, but we’d recommend covering the value of your items if they total over a certain amount.


Cover and wrap your furniture

Placing a cover over your furniture pieces can offer a little extra protection and prevent a build-up of dust. If you’re placing more fragile items, such as glassware or paintings, into storage we highly recommend wrapping them in bubble wrap or a similar material.


Some storage providers, such as 1st Access in Peterborough, provide packing materials on site.


These top tips are a sure-fire way to make sure your furniture is stored safely and securely in a self-storage facility.


If you’re looking for a reliable storage company in Peterborough, 1st Access can help by offering secure units and great customer service. Contact us today for a free quote.

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