How Do You Keep Furniture from Moulding in Storage?

Whether you’re headed back to university or are in between moves, self storage may be an attractive option for you; especially when needing to store furniture on a short- or long-term basis. 

Here at 1st Access Self Storage, we specialise in helping Cambridgeshire residents store their excess furniture in high-quality storage containers. Our team has years of experience helping customers get the most out of their storage unit, which is why we want to help you do the same by sharing our storage tips and tricks.

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How to Protect Furniture in Storage

Protecting your furniture in storage is easy when you follow these four simple steps:

Step 1: Wipe Down Furniture 

 Successfully storing and preserving your furniture begins with a thorough clean. By cleaning your chairs, tables and sofas before putting them in storage, you’ll effectively eliminate the risk of items collecting dust, mould or unpleasant odours. Learn what’s best for cleaning specific types of furniture below.

Type of Furniture

Cleaning Tool


Wood Cleaner


Soap and Water


Fabric/Upholstery Cleaner


Polishing Cloth/Metal Cleaner

Step 2: Disassemble Furniture

Once your furniture pieces are clean and dry, you’ll want to disassemble larger items such as bookcases, tables and desks for storage. By collapsing larger items, you’ll maximise the space in your storage unit and protect your furniture from any potential damage. We recommend that you collect any screws, bolts or other assembly pieces from each item and place them in ziplock bags to avoid them getting lost in storage.

Step 3: Cover Furniture & Floor

Moisture can ruin furniture, so before you start organising your storage unit be sure to place a plastic sheet, piece of cardboard, pallets or cinder blocks down to keep your furniture off the floor. You’ll want to wrap any glass items in packing paper first and wrap them again in bubble wrap for added protection. Once you’ve done that, remember to loosely cover the rest of your furniture with blankets, sheets or cloth to prevent dust from accumulating over time. 

Step 4: Pack Your Storage Unit Strategically 

It’s time to finally move into your storage unit! Read our blog to learn how to strategically pack a storage unit so you maximise space and decrease clutter. You’ll want to leave a clear pathway down the middle of your storage unit for easy access and more, so give our article a read to learn how best to organise your unit. Call us at 01733 828018 for additional storage advice and reserve your self-storage options in Peterborough today!