New to Self Storage? Common Myths Busted!

There are quite a few self storage myths floating around out there. Whether you take them at face value or not, rumours and hearsay can affect your confidence and willingness to give something a try – which is why we’re dispelling some of the most common myths in this post.

From what you can store inside to how long you’ll have to keep it there, these myths are just that: myths. Here’s why…

You’ll be tied into a contract

Not here at 1st Access you won’t. Like many other storage providers, we operate on a flexible, ‘cancel anytime’ basis. So, if you want to move your stuff out – whether it’s because you’re relocating or simply have no need for your unit any longer – you’ll be able to do so whenever you like.

If you’ve already paid for your next month but only end up using it for one more week, we’ll refund you the difference. Simple, right?

Storage units aren’t affordable

Storage is more affordable than you might think. Depending on the size of the unit you require, it can be extremely affordable to rent a storage space. Go on, why not get a quote today and see for yourself?

There are strict limits on what you can store

Not really. Provided you don’t keep anything on our prohibited items list (which exists for everyone’s safety primarily), you can store whatever you like inside your unit. It’s your unit, after all.

It’s risky to keep your items in a storage unit

Our units are covered by CCTV and on-site security staff at all times, and only you will have access to your unit. This makes storing with us about as secure as it gets – your items won’t be in danger.

Storage units are damp and dirty

This is certainly not true. Whenever a unit changes hands, it’s thoroughly cleaned out ready for you – there won’t be any dirt, damp or remnants of the previous tenant to be seen!

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