Are Items In a Storage Unit Insured?

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Storage companies will have their own insurance, but this only covers their liability. This means that if your items are damaged due to their negligence, they can cover the cost.


However, if your items are damaged by fire, flooding, or they’re stolen or vandalised, this won’t be covered by the company’s liability insurance. This is something you need to arrange separately. Even if a storage company doesn’t insist you get cover, it’s highly recommended.


Your insurance responsibilities


Insurance against fire, flood, theft and vandalism

It’s important to bear in mind that most home insurance policies don’t cover accidental damage on belongings placed in a storage unit. At many self storage facilities, insurance will not be arranged on stored goods unless you specifically instruct the company to do so.


Check the terms of your home or business policy first, and if you’re not covered, you have a couple of options. Either you can ask your storage provider to organise insurance, or you can contact your home policy provider to see if they can add cover for items placed in storage. This is usually covered in the “off-premises” personal property coverage in a homeowner’s policy.


Keep your unit locked

It is your responsibility to provide your own padlock and ensure your unit is locked at all times. Be wary of who you give access to your storage unit, and avoid making copies of your key.


Make sure you get the right type of coverage

There are different types of storage units, with different types of access. For instance, you can have an externally stored metal container or an internal lockable unit. It’s important to select the right one when you apply for insurance cover.


Do you need business or home insurance?

If you’re storing commercial items, such as excess stock, office equipment or business documents, you should get the appropriate business storage insurance cover. At 1st Access, we don’t just store domestic items, we are also trusted by many private companies to securely store their office equipment, stock and confidential paperwork.


Find a self-storage unit

Getting insurance and purchasing a heavy duty padlock for your unit are just some of the ways that you can boost the security of your belongings. Remember, we are more than happy to include insurance, just speak to one of our storage advisors. Need storage options in Peterborough? Contact us today or get an online quote.

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