Choosing a Local Company vs National Chains

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When it comes to selecting a personal storage provider, we’re looking at the benefits of choosing a local company vs national chains.


Ease of access


A key benefit of choosing a local self-storage provider over a national chain is that you may be able to get a unit closer to where you live. This will make your belongings more accessible, and is something you will definitely want to consider if you’ll be regularly collecting or dropping off items. For example, if you’re a business owner looking to store your excess products, or you’re a sole trader who will be picking up equipment for work on your daily commute, you probably won’t want a long journey.


Personable customer service


A local, independent company is more likely to offer a more personable experience that works around your schedule and goes the extra mile to meet your needs.


At 1st Access we take the time to discuss your requirements and we employ friendly staff who can answer all your queries and put your mind at ease.


Dedicated storage experts


Local companies won’t see their storage business as simply a money-making proposition. For them, it’s about providing a service that their customers truly benefit from and their service is all about helping people. They will also be dedicated storage experts who know how to deliver a hassle-free service.


At 1st Access we’ve been in the self storage business since 1990 and pride ourselves on being the go-to choice for families and individuals in the Peterborough area. We help people manage those big milestones and life changes by providing a stress-free self-storage service. From helping couples make room for a new baby, to helping people downsize for retirement, we provide a secure, temporary home for all those belongings you’re not ready to get rid of.


Competitive prices


It’s worth shopping around for competitive prices both with national chains and local storage providers. Most local companies are dedicated to offering a fair, competitive price for their services.



At 1st Access Storage Peterborough, we offer exceptional customer service and have helped thousands of local homeowners, businesses and individuals store their belongings. We can help make those big life changes that little more manageable. To enquire about our Storage in Peterborough contact us today through our online contact form or give us a call.

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