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Are you a collector? We get it – there’s nothing like the thrill of acquiring a rare item or completing a batch of limited editions. Collecting can be an immensely rewarding and enjoyable pursuit, whatever it is you’re into.


From vintage fashion to stamps, coins, model cars and even video games, there’s no limit to what you can collect… but there is a limit on how much you can store at home! That’s where storage facilities come in handy. For an affordable monthly fee, you can rent a clean, dry and secure space to store your surplus items, allowing you to grow your collection just how you’ve always dreamed.


But when you get the keys to your unit, how should you store your collection? Here are a few helpful tips.


Storing your collection


  1. Before you move everything into your unit, try and organise your collection as neatly as you can. Group similar items together and order by year, manufacturer, colour or something along those lines. It’ll make life easier later on when you want to retrieve items.
  2. Choose the right containers for your stuff. If your collection could be damaged by moisture, for example, make sure you place items in containers that keep the damp out. Plastic boxes with secure, airtight lids are usually best in this case.
  3. Label all your boxes. If you can, make an itemised list of what’s inside each one – you’ll thank yourself when you go looking for something in a few months’ time!
  4. Consider installing shelving. Free-standing shelving units are super easy to put together and can be placed anywhere inside your unit, and moved around as and when required. Storing your items off the floor will protect them further against moisture, keeping them safe and sound.


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