Three Ways Self Storage Can Help You Declutter

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With the new year, you may have to declutter on your agenda. Freeing up space in your home can be a liberating experience and help turn your home into a place that is tidier, more organised and more enjoyable to spend time in. One resource you can use to your advantage is self-storage. In this guide, we’re explaining the top three ways self-storage can help you declutter.


Clear out entire rooms!

From an entire shed, garage or attic to entire rooms, self-storage has the space you need to help you declutter. If you’re looking to clear out items but are not sure you’re ready to get rid of them, or still want to use them in the future, hiring a storage unit is a perfect solution. You can opt to access your belongings 24/7 and can end your hiring contract whenever you want.


Almost everything can be placed in storage

While there are a number of items that can’t be placed into storage for health and safety reasons, most of your belongings from around the house can be put in a storage unit. From tiny nuts and bolts from your toolbox to beds and wardrobes, the freedom to place items large and small into storage makes decluttering that much easier. Also, putting everything into one place means less time removing items, and less chance of losing prized possessions.


With storage providers like 1st Access, you can even place your historic paperwork into a secure document storage facility.


Seasonal decluttering

A self-storage unit can act as a home from home. This means you can do seasonal decluttering. When spring and summer is just around the corner, you can place bulky winter duvets and coats into storage, freeing up plenty of room in your wardrobe and storage cupboards. You can also put all your Christmas decorations into your unit.


With the ease of service that self storage offers, including convenient transportation of items from your home and into your unit, self storage is certainly a hassle-free, time-saving solution. 1st Access is a leading provider of self storage in Peterborough and offers flexible hiring terms. Get your quote today.

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