How Do I Access My Storage Unit? What Happens If I Lose My Key?

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When it comes to accessing your storage unit, the process is quite straightforward.


Simply head to the storage facility during its operating hours and present your key or access code at the main entrance.


Once inside, locate your specific unit using the assigned number or address. Most storage units have sturdy locks that require a key or code for entry, ensuring the security of your belongings.


At 1st Access, we provide various different levels of access such as standard access (standard opening hours), extended access (6am to 8pm every day) and 24/7 access (total access all year round.)


What Happens If You Lose Your Key?


Losing your storage unit key can be a frustrating experience, but fear not, as there are solutions to regain access.


Firstly, contact the storage facility management immediately to report the lost key. They will guide you on the necessary steps to either obtain a replacement key or assist in unlocking the unit for you.


In some cases, there may be a fee associated with replacing a lost key, so be sure to inquire about this beforehand.


Replacing Your Key


If a replacement key is required, the storage facility will typically provide you with a new key or alternative access method.


This process may involve verifying your identity and signing some paperwork to ensure the security of your unit.


Once you have your new key in hand, remember to keep it in a safe place to prevent future mishaps.


Secure Your Belongings


In the event of a lost key, it’s essential to get a new padlock and key. If that is not possible currently, then it is advisable to to take steps to secure your belongings until the situation is resolved.


Consider temporarily storing your items in a secure location or utilizing additional locks or security measures to safeguard your possessions.


Prioritise the safety of your belongings while waiting for a resolution.




Accessing your storage unit and managing a lost key situation may seem daunting at first, but with the right approach and communication with the storage facility, you can quickly resolve the issue.


Remember to stay calm, follow the necessary procedures, and prioritise the security of your belongings throughout the process.


By staying proactive and informed, you can regain access to your storage unit efficiently and securely.


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