How to Store Items When Refurbishing Your House

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You may have decided that lockdown is the perfect time to revamp and redecorate your home. However, if you’re having to remove large pieces of furniture from rooms for wallpaper stripping, painting, or a floor upgrade, then you may be wondering where to put those items – especially if space in your house is a little tight. We’re revealing our top tips on how to store all your belongings when refurbishing your house.


Personal Storage

If you live in a small house and you’re having to temporarily rehome some pieces of bulky furniture, such as a wardrobe or bed, we can recommend placing them into personal storage. It’s affordable and fully flexible so you don’t need to pay for storage any longer than you require it. It can help take away the hassle of redecorating in a smaller property while giving you a little more breathing space to get your work done.


Heavy Lifting and Disassembling Assistance

If you’re not able to do heavy lifting or disassemble furniture yourself, you’ll want to choose a self storage provider who can do all this for you and who can remove items from your home safely and securely. Before removing any bulky items it’s best to empty the contents of draws or storage contained within your furniture – this will help to lighten the load and prevent items falling out in transit.

At 1st Access Self Storage Peterborough our professional team is on hand to help you seamlessly move items into a storage unit with our full move-in and move-out service which can be tailored to suit your needs.



If you are using self storage we recommend placing smaller items into cardboard boxes and having furniture disassembled wherever possible. Fragile items, such as china dinner plates and wine glasses, can be wrapped in a protective layer of bubble wrap.



If you’ve never used a self storage facility before, you may not know how best to store everything in your unit. We recommend placing a protective layer of cardboard or pallets on the floor to prevent items coming into direct contact with a cold surface. You may also want to ensure everything is clean and that you cover items with a cloth to prevent a build up of dust. Stacking things logically and safely is also an important thing to consider.



We hope these top tips will make your home refurbishing project that little bit easier. For more essential guides and great hacks, take a look at our blog and storage advice hub.


If you’re looking for self-storage solutions in Peterborough, personal storage in Stamford, or personal storage in Spalding, contact our friendly team today for a free no-obligation quote.

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