Top Tips For Emptying a House After the Death of a Loved One

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The death of a loved one can be a time filled with grief and sadness. If you’re responsible for all their belongings this can quickly feel stressful and overwhelming. If you need to sort through your deceased loved one’s belongings, we’ve got some top tips on how to make the process that little bit easier to manage.


1. If You Need More Time, Why Not Consider Self Storage?


You may not feel ready to sort through your loved one’s personal belongings or you may be agitated at the thought of rushing to get rid of everything. If this is the case, personal storage solutions could be perfect for you. A no-hassle process, companies like 1st Access Self Storage Peterborough can provide door-to-door transport for items you wish to place into storage. There are flexible arrangements too with both short and long-term storage options, so you don’t have to worry about your contract coming to an abrupt end.


2. When You’re Ready, Try a Methodical Approach


From choosing to go through one room at a time, to having designated boxes or piles for what you want to keep or get rid of, having a methodical approach can really help you focus and give the sorting a clear structure to follow.


It can help to sort through the easier, less sentimental items first, such as food in the pantry.


3. Think About What You Will Do With Items You Don’t Want to Keep


While some items will inevitably go to the tip, there may be some items that you could donate, recycle or repurpose. Some items may be worth a bit of money, so you may even want to consider selling some pieces on or even taking them to an auction.


If there are some sentimental items which you still want to get rid of, you could consider capturing the memory by taking photos of them with your phone or camera.


4. Get Help and Support From Close Relatives and Friends


An extra helping hand from relatives or close friends could save time and make the task at hand seem less daunting. But more importantly being surrounded by friendly faces could relieve some of the emotional strain and help you feel more positive. You may prefer to sort through your deceased loved one’s belongings on your own, but if this is the case you may want to take regular breaks and limit how much time you spend at the house.


5. Pick Your Days


It may be best to choose days when you feel emotionally stronger and more focused as this could offer a more productive and less stressful experience. While it can be good to have a specific goal or timeline in mind, try not to get despondent if you don’t make as much progress as you would like.



While there is no single way to get through the grief of losing a loved one, there are simple steps you can follow to help make sorting through their belongings that little bit easier. We hope you found this advice helpful.


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