Top 6 Tips For Storing Belongings In Summer

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Making exciting summer plans? Dreaming of hosting social gatherings, but your house and garden is bursting at the seams with clutter? No problem. Self storage is a great solution for placing items temporarily into storage until you need them again. It’s a hassle-free way to free up some space so you can have the lifestyle (and social life) you want. Don’t know where to start? We’re revealing our top 6 tips for storing belongings in summer below.


List your items


Go through each area of your house and make a list of all the items you don’t currently need or want. Bulky jackets, snow boots, blankets and portable heaters are all things that can go into storage until the next winter season rolls around. Decluttering will not only make room for all your summer clothes and garden furniture, it will also make you feel more optimistic about entertaining guests and give you more space to relax and put your feet up.


Clean and wash your items


Before placing any items into storage you should wash materials such as bedding and clothes. This ensures they will stay clean and fresh and prevent your clothes smelling stale when you come to retrieve them. It will also save you having to wash them later on.


Organise your boxes and label clearly


If you need packing materials, some storage providers can even supply boxes and tape to get you started. Methodically packing similar items together and labelling the boxes clearly will help you identify your belongings more easily should you need to collect anything from your storage unit.


Use protective covers and sheets


To prevent a build-up of dust, we recommend covering bulkier pieces of furniture and equipment with a protective cover. You don’t have to buy anything expensive – just an old bed sheet will suffice. It can also be helpful to place a sheet, pallet or layer of cardboard on the floor of your storage unit. Again, this will keep any dust or dirt off your items.


Stack carefully


If you’ve got tonnes of boxes that you want to place into storage, you’ll want to make sure they’re not stacked too high and take extra care with fragile, high-value or sentimental items.


Protect your items from the heat


If it’s going to be a long, hot summer you’ll want to know that your items are not going to be affected by the high temperatures or humidity levels. It’s worth asking your local personal storage provider whether they regulate the temperature of their units or if they provide climate-controlled storage options.



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