Top 5 Reasons To Use Storage During Gap Year

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Travelling, work placements, studying – whatever the purpose of your gap year, there are plenty of things to sort out before starting your hiatus. One pressing consideration might include what to do with your belongings. Changes can be stressful and messy particularly if you don’t have a pad of your own. Perhaps you’re in rented accommodation and about to give it up to go travelling? Or maybe you’re relocating to study abroad? Whatever your plans are, if you have belongings you need to find a temporary home for, self storage can be a lifesaver.


Flexible contract


With flexible hiring periods which you can drop at any time – self storage is a no brainer. It’s an especially helpful option if you’re not sure how long your gap year will last. If you’re testing the waters on a big change it can be comforting to know you’re not tied down financially to a self storage contract.


24 hour access


You can also visit your storage at any time, giving you complete control and freedom over accessing your belongings.


Range of storage sizes to suit you


Whether you need to store away the contents of an entire five-bed house or just a few items, self-storage offers a range of storage sizes to suit your needs. This also ensures that you’re only paying for the storage you need and not wasting your hard-earned money on space that’s surplus to requirements.


Safe and secure


If you’re worried about your more valuable or sentimental items, you can rest assured that self storage is safe and secure. Most facilities have round-the-clock security and surveillance. You can also arrange insurance to protect the value of your contents should any accidental damage occur.


Door-to-door service


Don’t want the hassle of carting your belongings to your local storage facility? No problem. Many storage providers can offer a full move-in and move-out service to save you time.



A change of lifestyle is exciting, but before you begin your new chapter, you’ll want to get some things in order. Self storage is a stress-free way to keep all or some of your belongings in one place while you’re away on a gap year.


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