Top 5 Stress-Free Tips For Moving Between University Houses

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Whether you’re moving out of your halls of residence, or you’ve had a change of heart on where you want to live during your university years, we’ve got you covered with our top 5 stress-free tips for moving between university houses. While moving house will always come with elements of stress or unpredictable moments, these quick, simple tips should help your move run that little bit smoother.


1. How to Leave Your Current Property

When leaving your current property, you should make sure that your room and the communal areas are in the same condition as when you arrived. Make sure you remove all your belongings and give everything a clean before you leave.


If your contract has expected you to maintain a garden and the grass is looking a little overgrown, you may want to get the lawn mower out or pay for a local gardener to cut the grass. This will help you avoid any deductions from your deposit and keep your landlord happy.


2. How to Transport Your Belongings

One of the common dilemmas that students face is how to cart their belongings from A to B. Even if you’re just moving down the road, if you’ve got a lot of items moving them will take a lot of work.


Most students don’t have cars and while some will have friends or family who can help them out, not everyone will. So, what are your options?


A removals company can be the perfect way to get your belongings from your old university house to your new one. We recommend Reads Removals for a competitive price or if you’re shopping around be sure to check the customer reviews to determine whether they offer a reliable service.


3. How to Store Excess Items

If the room you’re moving to is slightly smaller, or you have a few months between the end of your current tenancy and the beginning of your new one, you may be wondering where you might store your belongings.


You may be able to take some of your items back to your parent’s house, but if not, we can recommend using a self storage unit.


4. Moving in to Your New Property

Once you’ve moved in you will want to check that everything is in good order and report anything to your letting agent or landlord if something is amiss. From there, you can start to unpack your belongings and turn your room from a blank canvas into a space that feels more homely.


Moving to a new student house can be daunting – especially if you don’t know any of your new housemates. To break the ice it’s best to introduce yourself as soon as possible and if you feel up to it, maybe arrange a movie and pizza night or something similar.


5. Update your Contact Details

Once you’ve moved you will need to get a few boring things out the way, including updating your contact details and registering with a local doctor’s surgery and dentist if you’ve moved to a new area.


So there you have our top 5 tips for a stress-free move between university houses. From leaving your current room clean and tidy to researching your options of getting your belongings from A to B, there are plenty of ways to make your move more seamless.


If you require a personal storage unit between house moves, 1st Access Self Storage Peterborough are here to help! With a friendly door-to-door service, we can also move your belongings for you and transport them to your new abode whenever you’re ready. To get your free, competitive quote today simply fill out our contact form or give us a call.

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