Top Tips For Maximising Your Student Living Space

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With most student accommodation, or digs, room can be a little tight. With all your study books, materials, belongings, and emergency snacks you may struggle to find space for everything. And let’s face it, with all the social restrictions and remote working, you’re probably spending a lot more time in your room than you would like.


To feel better about living and studying in a small room, we’re revealing our top tips for maximising your student living space, so you can thrive at university rather than just survive.


Top 5 Storage Tips For Students Living In Small Rooms:


1. Under the Bed Storage

Most beds in student accommodation will have space underneath them for you to store lots of items. It can be the perfect place for bulkier belongings, including suitcases, clothes airers, and even large picture frames. You could also invest in a few boxes to store those extra clothes that didn’t fit in your wardrobe, larger textbooks, or even those emergency snacks.


2. Desk Accessories and Storage

A great way to maximise your desk space is to add some filing trays, draws, or cubby holes for storing all your stationery, chargers, and post.


Organising things in this way will not only maximise on space, it will also make your life a whole lot easier as you have a singular, accessible place for those everyday essentials. So, instead of worrying where your charger is when your battery’s at 5%, you can get back to studying – or binge watching your favourite TV show.


You could even brighten up your work space by adding a house-plant or your favourite photo into one of the cubby holes.


3. Windowsill

If you have a windowsill in your room this could double-up as a handy shelf. Just bear in mind that not all items should be exposed to direct sunlight and books or pictures may fade over time.


4. Boxed Shelving, Tower Draws, Hanging Bags

While many student accommodation contracts forbid students from hanging pictures or shelves on the wall, you can buy a range of boxed shelving and tower draws that can be placed on the floor, or even your desk – no nails or sticky tack required!

Hanging bags are also a great way to store your toiletries – simply hang on the back of a door or handle.


5. Self Storage Solutions

And finally, if you moved with a lot more than you have room for, or just need some more space, personal storage could be the perfect solution to keep bulky or unnecessary items out of your student accommodation until you need them again. At 1st Access, we offer fully flexible and competitively priced self storage in Peterborough to suit your needs.


Contact our friendly team today for more information. If you sign up to 1st Access self storage in Peterborough today, we’ll give you one month free!


Recap of our top storage tips for student accommodation:

  • Have a designated space for everything
  • Invest in boxes, filing, and shelving solutions
  • Don’t forget to use those hidden spaces, such as under your bed
  • If you’re still stuck for space, why not try self storage?


We hope these tips on maximising a small student living space will help you get the most out of your university experience.

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