Top Reasons To Use Self Storage During Placement

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You’ve secured a work placement – congratulations! There’s a lot of excitement that comes with a new beginning and the buzz of a new opportunity. Often, placements involve relocating to a new town, city or country and allow you to meet new people and learn new skills. But with all the excitement of securing a placement, you may also be worrying about all the things you have to sort out before you start. For instance, if your placement is situated away from where you currently live, you’ll need to find accommodation. And what about your belongings?


Instead of lugging all your belongings back to your parent’s house or halfway around the world, there is an easier solution. In this blog we’re going to run through the top reasons to use self storage during your placement.


Fully Flexible

Whether your placement is a summer internship, built-in as part of a university degree or part of a career change, many self storage facilities are fully flexible meaning you can hire a space for as short or long a period as you require. Life is unpredictable, and self storage is designed to work around that fact.
Only Pay For The Space You Need


With self storage you only pay for the space you need. If you’re not sure how much space you require you can speak to an advisor or use this helpful guide to estimate your space. You may even want to take some belongings with you and leave other less essential or bulkier items behind. With self storage you’re in control of how much space you need.


Safe and Secure

Security is part and parcel of the service any good storage facility should offer. From secure locks and round the clock CCTV to security personnel monitoring the premises, these security measures should ensure your belongings are safe. So while you’re on your placement one thing you won’t have to worry about is whether your belongings are in good hands.


Access Any Time

One of the key benefits of choosing a self storage unit is that you can usually access your belongings at any time. Most storage units are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This means that if you return home at a moment’s notice, you can easily access your items.


Door to Door Service

Some self storage unit providers, like 1st Access, also offer a door-to-door collection and drop-off service. This can be particularly helpful if you don’t have access to a vehicle, or if your car is a little on the small side. Let’s face it, many interns and students don’t have their own vehicle, so this service can really help take the hassle out of finding a secure home for your belongings when preparing for a placement.


If you’re scratching your head and wondering what to do with all your belongings, your local storage unit might be worth a try. While the list of things to do before you begin your placement can seem daunting, personal storage can make things that little bit easier. It’s the perfect temporary home for your belongings until you find a more permanent home.


If you’re looking for suitable storage in Peterborough, 1st Access can help. We are the trusted, local self storage units provider and offer fully flexible contracts and a 5 star rated service.

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