How to Store Paintings & Antiques Without Damaging Them

collection of antiques

When it comes to storing your valuable paintings and antiques, the key is to ensure they are shielded from potential damage. Start by selecting an appropriate storage location that is free from direct sunlight, extreme temperatures, and fluctuations in humidity. By maintaining a stable environment, you can prevent fading, warping, or cracking of your beloved…

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What do Businesses Use Storage Units For?

Two women smiling next to a box in a storage unit.

Businesses are turning to storage units to manage physical stock and resources, and it’s easy to see why. They offer security and versatility, along with growth opportunities without the commitment of lengthy leases. In this article, we’ll explore exactly how businesses are making the most of storage units. Document storage Businesses generate a lot of…

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Moving Out? Here Are 5 Tips to Make It Easier

Planning to move out of the family home for the first time? Whether you’re heading off to university or have secured a long-term place of your own, the process of moving out for the first time can seem incredibly daunting. If you’re a little scared about the whole thing, don’t worry – you’re not alone!…

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Moving Home the Easy Way: Our Top Tips

Moving home is stressful – there’s no way around that. Unless you have the luxury of being able to pay someone to do all your packing and unpacking (which most of us don’t), your moving day is likely to be a gruelling experience. We’re not here to give you a moving day cheat code. We’re…

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Here’s What Happens to Abandoned Storage Units…

Secure container storage

Although the vast majority of self storage customers pay their bill on time every month – and let the company know when they’d like to cancel their membership – this isn’t always the case. From time to time, customers will either miss their payments for an extended period of time or simply go off the…

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Moving Home? 6 Reasons Self-Storage Could Be A Life-Saver

Couple passing carton box while unpacking

Moving home is a big milestone in anyone’s life. It can also be enormously stressful when it’s not planned well. There could be a few problems that arise that may need quick solutions. Self-storage units could be one of those solutions you need in a hurry. Here are some of the ways that self-storage can…

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How to Store Furniture in a Self Storage Unit

Utilising the best rented storage Peterborough has to offer can be of real benefit in so many different situations, including when you’re moving house, decluttering or redecorating. But how do you go about safely storing your furniture to ensure it’s out of harm’s way? Read on to learn more! Cover Up Delicate Items First and…

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Moving to a Smaller Home? Self Storage Could Be Just What You Need

Orange house with a window

Moving to a smaller home or downsizing? Self storage could be just what you need. Discover the ways this solution can lend a helping hand in our guide. A secure home from home With self storage, you can rest assured knowing that your items will be safe and sound until you need them again. Most…

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How to Safely Store Furniture: Five Top Tips

cluttered house

Self storage is an easy way to keep surplus furniture and home decor items safe. Whether you’re in between house moves, are moving away from home on a temporary basis or have downsized and need time to decide which furniture to keep and which to sell, storage units can come in handy. But if you…

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Five Great Ways to Declutter Your Home

A student moving their belongings

Decluttering your home can seem like a daunting process, especially if you’ve lived there for a while. Over the years, we all tend to accumulate stuff that – if we’re honest with ourselves – we don’t really want or need. Getting rid of all that can be a time consuming process, but trust us when…

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