Can You Run a Business From a Storage Unit?

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For many newer and smaller businesses, there comes a time when operating from home isn’t attainable anymore. However, renting an office can be expensive, and your business might not be suitable for a co-working environment. Have you ever asked yourself if you can run a business from a storage unit?


We’ve put together a short guide on everything you need to know about using a storage unit for your business base. With this advice, you can see if your small business would benefit from moving out of your spare room – and into this alternative professional workspace!


Is It Possible to Run a Business From a Storage Unit?


When it comes to legally running your business from a storage unit, it’s a bit of a grey area. For some storage facilities, operating your business from their premises (for example, working from the unit itself and inviting employees to use it as an official office space) isn’t possible. However, other facilities have their own individual policies, so it’s worth asking your storage unit directly where they stand.


You can, however, use a storage unit of 35 sq ft, 75 sq ft or 150 sq ft to store excess inventory if you are operating from a physical store or as a base for packing orders. The around-the-clock access provided by these storage units makes them a great place to store goods. Similarly, many sole traders use these units to store equipment. For example, they’re ideal for gardeners and fitness trainers who don’t have enough space at home to keep their professional tools.


What Are The Advantages of Running Your Business From a Storage Unit?


There are many benefits to using self-storage for your business needs, and we have listed them below.

Store Stock


Perhaps the most obvious benefit is the storage space itself. You can use self-storage to hold your stock, equipment, raw materials, and paperwork. In other words, everything that’s currently cluttering up your home.

Reduce Cost


Renting out an office or co-working space can be expensive. Using a storage unit to run your business will help you reduce business costs (including any costly overheads) so your monthly outgoings are minimised too.

Dedicated Work Address


Giving out your home address to clients and suppliers can make any small business owner wary. A storage unit gives you your own professional work address, so you no longer have to worry about sharing your personal details.

Increased Security


Many self-storage units can offer 24/7 CCTV and high levels of security, so you can rest assured that what you keep inside can’t be accessed by those outside.
Whether you’re a new business owner just starting out or you’re looking to expand business operations as your company grows, why not get a quote for our storage units in Peterborough and see if your business could benefit from a new business base?

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