Commonly Asked Self Storage Questions

  • How quickly can I move in?
    Call for space and move in today.
  • How often do I have to pay?
    You will need to pay every 4 weeks. Any complete weeks left when you exit will be refunded.
  • What notice do I have to give?
    No notice required move in or out when you please.
  • When would other storage methods be more suitable?
    If you need a removal vehicle as well as storage for a house move you may be best to let 1st Access Self Storage quote for the whole job. (
  • Do I need identification when coming into the store?
    Yes, a photo id will be required when you move in.
  • Can I purchase packing supplies?
    Yes you can purchase all you need for your move (box shop)
  • Can I purchase a door lock?
    Yes, they are available in reception.