We do understand that your belongings are very personal to you, we have compiled this self pack advice, which we give freely and hope it will assist in your preparation for your move.

How and What to Pack

Always use paper or tissue when packing.

Never place breakable items in a carton unwrapped. You may use newspaper, but the print will mark, thus giving you a lot of extra cleaning once unpacked.

Never overfill cartons, remember these have to be lifted, and always use the right carton for the job.

Fragile items.

When packing fragile/breakable items always use paper or tissue placing heavier items at the bottom of the carton, finishing off with the lighter more delicate object on the top. Plates, saucers, dishes and any other flat items always pack on their edge, never flat. Glasses, cups and mugs upright, never on their sides. Vases, jugs and other items of this nature should also be packed upright. If possible screw some paper up and place a layer on the bottom of each carton before starting, this will give added protection, also, repeating this after each layer.

Pictures and mirrors.

These should be packed in cartons when ever possible, wrapped and upright. If they are too large to go into cartons you should pack then individually in cardboard and bubble wrap. Hi-Fi Equipment. Make sure all the wiring has been disconnected and placed in a carton for safe keeping, if the Hi-Fi is in a cabinet, it is best removed and placed in a carton. Make sure the turntable is secured following the manufacturers handbook.

Automatic Washing Machines/Dishwashers.

These should be drained and where necessary the drum of the washing machine should be secured, following the manufacturers handbook instructions.


These items because if their very nature are very fragile. Always where possible place them in a carton, never force or push them to fit. If they are too large to fit in suitable carton wrap them separately.

Self Assembly Furniture.

Due to the very nature if self assemble furniture, dismantling is recommended of all items before moving.